Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Radiation:

Personal summarization, Tuesday 15 March 2011
1. usual radiation measurement in Ibaraki: 0.5 microsievert, now 5.5 microsievert (now = NHK afternoon)
this usual intensity is different in each prefecture. summary of each prefecture
2. tokyo: 0.9 microsievert, 22 times more than usual, but it is not dangerous for the health
3. summary of the day: at plant 10:22AM 400msieverts, 3:30PM 596.4usieverts
4. Edano: sieverts level continue to fall (at dusk)
5. summary of the day

Essential point:
1. Radiation exposure drops off at an exponential rate to distance from source
2. As reported by NHK and corroborated by datafeed from the Hino monitoring station, metropolitan Tokyo radiation levels rose from a normal reading of around 20-30 CPM (0.2 – 0.3 microseiverts per hour) up to to 89 CPM (0.89 microseiverts per hour) for an hour, then dropped to close to normal background levels again. They remain normal as of this writing.