Libraries in Python

Useful modules, packages, and libraries in Python. This is a list of personal preferences (previously/currently used).
Some definitions are taken from here and here.

Purpose Modules name Additional information
GUI TkInter Traditional python UI toolkit
PyQt Qt framework
PySide Qt framework

  • QtGui
  • QtCore
Foreign function interface CTypes Package for calling functions of dlls/shared libraries
[now is included w/ Py2.5 as Standard Library ]
 XML processing ElementTree [now is included w/ Py2.5 as Standard Library]
 Database sqlite3
 Operating System services os miscellaneous OS interfaces
[Standard Library]
time time access and conversions
[Standard Library]
 Text Processing services re Regular expression
[Standard Library]
Numeric & Mathematical modules  math mathematical functions
[Standard Library]
 Data types copy shallow & deep copy operations
[Standard Library]
 Structured Markup processing tools xml.dom XML processing, Document Object Model (DOM) API
[Standard Library]
xml.dom.minidom minimal DOM implementation
[Standard Library]
 Binary Data Services codecs Codec registry and base classes
[Standard Library]
 3D-rendering related pivy python binding library for Coin3D (3D-rendering library)
Read/write office files openpyxl to read/write Ecxel 2010 files
[stored in PyPackageIndex]

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