CMD command, python related

Berikut ini daftar perintah cmd yang berhubungan dengan python

Purpose Command Additional Information
Installing pip (python install manager) python From cmd & directory where you save
pip install
where pip if “pip install” results error, check whether pip command refer to other program, e.g., strawberry perl (if yes, then uninstall strawberry perl)
Checking which python is associated with (if accidentally installed 2 version of python) assoc .py
  • probable output:
ftype Python.File
  • probable output:
    Python.File=”C:\…\python.exe” “%1” %*
Installing in specific target (e.g., other directory inside specific package) pip install –target=”/Applications/” openpyxl  *belum berhasil nyoba di FCAD
 Installing pyside pip install pyside
 To convert .ui (pyside) into .py, using pyside-uic (converter provided by pyside) pyside-uic NAMEOFUIFILE -o NAMEOFPYFILE -x
  •  pyside-uic is located in folder: python Lib\site-packages\PySide
  • switch -x: if you want to double-click the resulted .py
Help python –help help: list of options/switches/parameters
 Python version python –version
python -V

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