Project Management

Berawal dari nonton ALM TFS-nya Microsoft, akhirnya jadi berakhir ngulik2 tentang Scrum, Kanban.. dan lalu balik2nya ke Trello lagi, hahaha. Ebuset, pantesan dulu make Trello asa berantakan. Ternyata lebih cihuy kalau sudah kenal konsep Scrum dan Kanban. Berikut link yang menurut saya enak, singkat tapi jelas.

1. Scrum, waterfall model
2. Kanban
3. Personal Kanban, atau versi non-youtube
4. Trello for Online Project Management (langsung dipraktekkan :p )

Kalau untuk ALM, bisa dilirik di sini

Opsi lain selain trello, bisa pakai Todo, tapi berhubung belum pernah denger.. jadi rada khawatir kalau gulung tikar ­čśÇ

Sedikit lebih detail, biar ga perlu buka youtube

Roles in Scrum
1. Product owner: produce product backlog
2. Scrum master: manage the team, help team member to follow ceremony and effectively use the artefacts
3. Team member

Artefacts used
1. Product backlog:
the list of every desirable outcome user expects from the product
to do list of goals
2. Sprint backlog: to guide team during sprint
3. Burndown chart:
To do task in chart (work remaining vs time)
hopefully at the end of the sprint, all task will be done

1. sprint planning:
assign from goals (product backlog) to sprint backlog
conversation of what needs to be built in the next iteration
2. daily stand/up scrum
timebox, which has start date and end date
during sprint, the team is going to work on task and complete them
3. sprint review and retro

Things to report (everyday)
1. Accomplished things yesterday
2. Is going to accomplish today
3. Any blockage

Task evolving (task board division)
1. To do
2. In progress
3. Done

Task board division:
1. Backlog
2. New
3. In progress
4. Complete

1. Put WIP (Work in Progress) Limits in “in progress” column, or in each sprint, to avoid bottleneck

Task board division
1. To do; Ready; Today
2. Doing; Waiting on
3. Done

– use colorful types of post it to manage, including special shape of post it to indicate favorite or important

Task Division (1)
1. To do (including give due date)
– checklist
2. Doing
3. Done
4. Research Source
– attachment/link

Task Division (2)
1. Today
2. Tomorrow
3. Someday
4. Done

Task Division (3)
1. Interview
2. Define, conceptualize
3. Ideate, brainstorm
4. Prototype, construct
5. Test, share & revise

Task Division (4)
1. New ideas
2. To do
3. In Process
4. Obstacles
5. Finished

1. Project 1
2. Project 2
3. Daily To Do

– browser extension, smartphone apps
– give due date so you can project into calendar (click: enable the calendar power-up)
– put definition/descriptions on the first line